Annual Report & Strategic Plan

Strategic Vision Statement

Grace is a diverse community of faith serving Christ and sharing the love of God.

(adopted by Council Feb. 9, 2020)

Strategic Goal #1: Outreach

Increase attendance, membership, and involvement by 7% over the numbers reported in the 2019 ELCA Annual Report by 12/31/2021
Goal Champions: Ruth Birge, Pastor Greg
Strategic Objectives
Objective 1: Increase local advertising and marketing. (Immediate & ongoing)
Objective 2: Conduct demographic study for targeted outreach. (02/28/2020)
Objective 3: Create a collaboration to establish a generational cause for millennials and younger to identify with. (quarter 4 of 2021)
Objective 4: Create a culture of evangelism within Grace.
(Immediate & ongoing)
Objective 5: Conduct an informative, inspirational, and invitational mission festival. (09/20/2020)Goal: 30 new volunteers from Grace to local agencies; stretch goal = 50
Objective 6: Promote Servant Saturday within and beyond Grace. (04/18/2020)Goal: 150 participants; stretch goal = 200
Objective 7: Specific outreach actions/project to reach Hispanic community. (12/31/2020)

Strategic Goal #2: Worship

Expand worship opportunities to better serve Grace members and reach out to the larger community.
Champions: Joy Kiefer, Pastor Oviedo
Goal 2A: Make any adjustments deemed appropriate to Grace worship services and schedule to enhance worship experience for the congregation by 09/13/2020.
Objective 1: Determine the style and schedule of worship services to be offered(05/30/2020)
Objective 2: Explore benefits and desirability of non-Sunday worship services. (05/30/2020)
Objective 3: Determine how Sunday Faith Formation should be offered and to whom(05/30/2020)
Goal 2B: Determine feasibility, desirability, and requirements of establishing a satellite worshipping community for Grace Lutheran Church by 12/31/2022.
Objective 1: Analyze the demographics to determine the potential location for a satellite location.
Objective 2: Investigate what emerging generations want in worship services.
Objective 3: Determine staff requirements and cost assessment for a satellite location.

Strategic Goal #3: Internal Spiritual Life of Grace

Increase the participation in faith-building activities by members by 10% by 12/31/2021.
Champions: Christine Smith, Pastor Ken
Objective 1: Get a baseline number of classes and activities with number of participants (using the highest number) who have attended. (03/07/2020)
Objective 2: Increase awareness of various spiritual growth groups through Temple Talks, newsletter/email spotlights, social media, and Youtube. (begin 04/01/2020)
Objective 3: Offer four or more Cross+Generational gatherings per year focusing on: faith formation, devotion to God, serving, fellowship, and rituals & traditions. (begin Lent 2020)

Strategic Goal #4: Master Plan

Develop a master plan for the Grace site and facilities by 12/31/2020.
Champions: Dan Fredrick, Greg Dodd
Objective 1: Conduct a needs assessment for all current facilities and develop a maintenance and funding plan. (06/30/2020)
Objective 2: Develop a list of facilities needed and funding plan to support the future ministry of Grace that could include solar energy, garage/maintenance building, youth program space and flexibility to meet future needs.
WHAT: Develop a rendering and preliminary cost for a garage/maintenance building that could include bus parking, equipment storage, and solar panels on the roof.
WHAT: Study if current facilities are inadequate to support youth ministry programs or if new construction is needed. (08/30/2020)
WHAT: Site layout plan to include current facilities and future anticipated needs, with flexibility to meet needs not yet anticipated. (12/31/2020)
WHAT: Plan to fund capital construction of improvements identified through completion of Objectives 2 & 3. (Spring 2021)
Objective 3: Develop a plan to expand the property by purchasing 1.5 acres by December 31, 2021. (05/2020)

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