Meet Your Grace Finance Office Team

Ruthie Derrick, Assistant Treasurer, and Chris Ring, Finance Secretary, are our finance staff. We report to Terry Andersen, an Officer of the church as Treasurer who donates his time and expertise as a local CPA, and to Greg Dodd, Executive Director of Parish Operations for administrative matters. Both the Finance Secretary and the Assistant Treasurer are held to strict confidentiality standards.

Chris Ring, the Finance Secretary, works in conjunction with the pastors, program staff, and volunteer support. She serves as part of the Finance Committee, Stewardship Committee, and supervises the Posters and Counters. She also receives and maintains records of income from contributing members and all other gifts and sources of income.  Chris is also responsible for organizing and maintaining pledges, the envelope system, online giving through Vanco electronic giving and Web giving. Chris is responsible for the Quarterly and year end statements. She also oversees and tracks proper recording of IRAs and stock contributions per the Treasurer’s instructions. She reviews the monthly financial statements and reports key items to the Treasurer, Finance Committee and Church Council. Her responsibilities also include receiving communications from the bank on deposits and investigating and solving discrepancies with the EDPO. The Finance Secretary also works closely with the Assistant Treasurer to supply income information needed for balancing accounts and resolving any issues that may arise.

Volunteers are needed for counting and posting. If you are interested, contact Chris Ring at

Ruthie Derrick serves as Assistant Treasurer.  She is primarily responsible for all disbursements and all financial reporting. The Assistant Treasurer’s duties include inputting the annual church budget into the software (ACS), overseeing the Accounts Payable Clerks (volunteers who prepare the checks). Other duties include preparing the monthly and yearly financial statement, and reconciliation of the monthly bank statements. While reconciling the bank statement, she also reconciles the electronic deposits as reported on the bank statements to that posted. The Brightwheel system used by the Preschool must also be reconciled to the bank statement.  Year-end duties include preparation of the annual congregational and synod reports. The Sales Tax Refund requests are prepared and submitted to NCDOR semi-annually. The Positive Pay system requires the Assistant Treasurer to upload to the bank a list of check numbers and amounts whenever checks are processed. Every business day she checks for exceptions from the bank. Ruthie may be contacted at

Simply put: the Finance Secretary oversees all incoming monies and the Assistant Treasurer handles all outgoing monies and financial reporting.

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