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Youth Ministry

Anne Monroe, Director of Youth Ministry | 828-693-4890 ext. 309

Grace’s Youth Ministry, for 6th through 12th grades, is based on these four keys:

1. Fellowship Together

These conversations take place through fellowship, outings, social events — anywhere more than one are gathered.

Youth Ministry Community of Grace Lutheran Church

2. Service to Others

Our youth serve those in the church, our community and beyond through service learning experiences.

Youth Ministry of Grace Lutheran Church with their parents

3. Devotion to God

We encourage our youth to focus on learning more about God, others, and themselves. We do this through Bible study, prayer, confirmation, worship, and faith formation learning times.

Youth Ministry with all has a black shirt with a print inside the Grace Lutheran Church

4. Rituals and Traditions

Participating in rituals and traditions teach us about our identity, various cultures, the Christian faith, and Lutheranism. In addition, we focus on Cross + Generational and cross-cultural events and experiences to give all of our youth a broader perspective of life in this world.

Youth Ministry Community of Grace Lutheran Church at the swimming pool.

Middle School Ministry
(6th – 12th grade)

Meets bimonthly on Wednesday evenings for Confirmation and on Sundays for special Youth Group events. Contact Anne to be added for meeting opportunities.

Youth Ministry Community at Confirmation event in Grace Lutheran Church

High School Ministry
(9th – 12th grade)

Meets weekly, typically on Sundays, with focus on the four keys above. High School youth also participate in unique outings, retreats, and service learning trips. Contact Anne to be added for meeting opportunities.

High School Ministry talking at Grace Lutheran Church

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