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Grace Preschool

Grace offers three schedules for preschool classes that are held:
8:30-11:30 AM
- Monday through Friday;
- Monday/Wednesday/Friday;
- Tuesday/Thursday

Grace Lutheran Preschool creates a Christian atmosphere that fosters learning for young children.

Our philosophy is that children learn by doing.

About Grace Preschool

Grace Preschool has a wonderful reputation in Henderson County because of our academic curriculum. Our program provides a foundation for life-long learning and solid preparation for the educational and social demands of the structured Kindergarten and elementary school day.

Grace Lutheran Preschool was rated the prestigious awards of “Best Preschool”, “Best Childcare” and “Best Parent/Child Program” and “Best Aftercare” in Western North Carolina by WNC Parent magazine. We were also recently awarded the “Best Preschool in Hendersonville” by the Times News.

Two preschool kids at Grace Lutheran Church
Smiling child with a dog at Grace Lutheran Church

Walkers & Two Year Olds

Our focus is to develop social skills. Curriculum is based on the principles of playful learning to develop attention span, follow simple directions and increase independence and self esteem.

  • Social skill development, i.e., taking turns, sharing toys, being kind to our friends

  • Dedicated time for music, singing, reading, child-created art and nursery rhymes to learn pre-reading and expand vocabulary

  • Colors and numbers taught in English & Spanish

  • Sign language introduced for self-care needs

  • Increase their awareness of God

Child is coloring the drawing at Grace Lutheran Church

Three Year Olds

Our focus is a positive self-image developed through caring and sharing. Through a variety of activities, we help them learn many skills.

  • Enhance social skills

  • Learn to follow simple directions

  • Recognize basic shapes & colors

  • Identify their written name

  • Refine motor skills

  • Develop independence

  • Participate in “in-house” field trips, music & movement/yoga

  • Learn basic Spanish

  • Increase their communication skills

  • Increase their awareness of God

Four and Five years old playing with their teacher at Grace Lutheran Church

Pre-K (Four and Five Year Olds)

Our focus is to develop skills through a variety of activities.

  • Reading readiness/phonics

  • Math readiness

  • Science and social studies

  • Music and art

  • Fine motor skills (pencil grip, using scissors)

  • Gross motor skills

  • Independent learning

  • Opportunities for group interaction

  • Increase their awareness of God

Grace Special Classes

At Grace Preschool, special classes are included in the curriculum such as Phonics for 3’s and Pre-K that teaches basic sounds. It is taught in a way that children enjoy, so that some of our children are reading before they leave our Preschool.  Spanish/Sign Language is taught from the Walkers to Pre-K and integrated into the curriculum throughout the day. All students attend Bible Storytime which is taught by the church religious education team.  We use the Frolic Christian curriculum character development themes that cover a variety of topics, including how to be a kind friend, patience, sharing, calming yourself, asking for help, and using your gifts to help our world.  Music is an integral part of the curriculum in all classes with weekly Music and Movement/Yoga stretching classes for all ages.  Our Pre-K has three special classes to enhance their personal knowledge with Geography/Diversity, STEAM Science, and Mindfulness.

A dynamic staff, church support, parent and community participation create a family atmosphere that makes for a unique learning experience for all involved.  Parents, Grandparents, and Care Providers are always welcome to volunteer at the Preschool. Opportunities include the Weekly Reader program, monthly “In-House” Field Trip presenters, the Preschool Playgroup, and the March Book Swap.
Updated on a daily and weekly basis:Facebook: gracepreschoolhendersonville   Instagram: gracelutheranpreschoolhendoWebsite: (Click on the Preschool link)Please contact me at: (828) 693-4972

Educational Programs

We are very proud of the variety of educational programs that will stimulate your child and prepare them socially and intellectually for Kindergarten.
From the Walking program to the Pre-K program, Grace offers a creative and loving Christian-based environment for your child.  An exciting educational curriculum follows the seasons and events of the year, plus pre-math, pre-reading, refinement of fine and gross motor skills development, cooking projects, social skills with their peers and staff, and Spanish/Sign Language.  Our curriculum for three’s and Pre-K children includes the above, as well as, an introduction to Music & Movement that incorporates sign language and yoga, and weekly Bible Storytime with the church religious education team.  Pre-K classes also enjoy enrichment in Geography and Mindfulness every week beginning in October of each year.  Additionally, the Two’s, Three’s and Pre-K children receive phonics instruction to help facilitate early reading skills.  All children are assessed in the spring of each year and 3s & Pre-K twice a year in fall and spring to determine their readiness for Kindergarten.  Pre-K results are shared with parents during scheduled conferences to discuss their progress in our program and readiness for Kindergarten.

Additional Programs

Children who is listening to a girl at is telling a story at Grace Lutheran Church


Monday through Friday, 8-8:30 AM in your child’s classroom. The entrance is located at the Eastside Entrance located at the door facing the large parking lot. The door closes at 8:20 AM.

Earlybirds is on a drop-in basis, there is no sign-up sheet. Please escort your child to their classroom.  

The charge is $3 per child, per day and billed at the end of the month through the Brightwheel App. A sibling discount is not available.

Earlybirds will not be held on delay days.

Four kids smiling at Grace Lutheran Church


Monday through Thursday, 11:45 AM-1:30 PM for Walkers through Pre-K. This program is an opportunity for students to play with other children and make friends. Play is outside for most of the time and children eat their lunch provided by their family. Intentional activities are provided to enhance Preschool themes.

Sign-up is for 4-5 months in advance and sent home as an email attachment. If an Aftercare need arises, please call the Preschool office and we will check for availability.  

The charge is $13 per child, per day and billed through the Brightwheel App at the end of the month. Students may attend as few or as many days as needed.  A sibling discount is not available.

Dismissal begins at 1:20 PM and ends at 1:30 PM, located at the main entrance.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is an optional program Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m.  It runs from the end of May to the middle of August.  Your child must sign-up in advance to attend the program. Earlybirds is not offered.  All Summer Camp fees must be paid by the last day of Summer Camp for your child to attend our school in the Fall.


For more information about registration, please contact Beth Ann Lehr, or Ami Service,


Registration is open to the public in February and continues all year until classes are full. Students are welcome to join our program throughout the year if space is available. All new or returning students to the Preschool need to complete their respective forms under the Preschool forms tab to be registered for the program. All registration forms need to be submitted before the first day of preschool.


Grace Preschool, 1245 6th Ave. W., Hendersonville, NC 28759 | Visit our Facebook page.